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meriel in the arctic


A little advertising, a little journalism, a whole lot of theatre, a first-class degree in Creative Writing and Visual Art, a Masters in Literary and Cultural Studies (with distinction) plus a doctorate in women’s self-portraiture, autobiography and storytelling. There’s also selling ice cream, minding chickens, milking goats, waiting tables, washing dishes, walking homeless pooches, crewing a canal boat and baking cakes.

What made me want to write?  Mostly, curiosity:  a need to understand and a need to share.

Albert Einstein:  “The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existence.”


Barriers are not my thing.  Adventures in literature, art and science encourage a crossing of boundaries. I am interested in behaviour and communication – human and non-human – and how we share information.  My practice embraces mark-making and traces, text, stills, movie and sound. I am fascinated by how we create stories to understand the planet and our place within it.   What do the stories told of interactions between the human and non-human worlds reveal of the tellers?  Thinking through eco-poetry, natural history image-making and storytelling from cave art and landmarks to the anthropocene.

Favourite word: Palimpsest – fascinated by the way faded pasts resurface in the present.


Archaeological finds photography, portrait photography and a degree in visual art specializing in stills and moving images lead to life as a fine art, natural history, wildlife and environmental photographer/researcher.
Clients include: 

The Natural History Museum, American Museum of Natural History, BBC Wildlife, National Geographic, Lonely Planet, OUP, MacMillan, News International, RSPB Birds, Viacom TV and ARKive.

ARKive’s mission is “to use the power of wildlife imagery to inspire the global community to discover, value and protect the natural world.”

Images used editorially, as book illustration and in advertising throughout Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Australia, South America and North America.
Fine art photographic and multimedia works also feature in private collections.

Solo and group shows/screenings in UK, Europe and USA, galleries/venues include Nature in Art, Gloucester; Arnolfini and Watershed, Bristol; Nick’s Bar, Worcester, Massachusetts; Babylon Cinema, Berlin; Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution; Little Theatre, Bath.

Agents include Oxford Scientific Films (OSF)/Getty and Natural History Photographers Agency (NHPA)/Avalon


20-year record of award-winning performance as Senior Lecturer for under-graduate and graduate students with special interest in poetry, eco-poetry, scripting, film, documentary, non-fiction, journalism and interdisciplinary work. Most recently as Programme Lead for Creative Writing at Manchester Metropolitan University, Cheshire.

In schools – collaborating in creation and delivery of Natural History talks, Photography, Creative Writing and Creative Non-Fiction workshops. Events include: Benenden School, UK (Science Week); Bavarian International School, Munich; ABA Muscat; SSIS, Saigon and Lambrook School, UK.


Widely published non-fiction author for young people and adults.

Experienced copywriter, editor and ghost-writer.

Confident and sensitive collaborator.

Natural history/environmental journalism featured in peer-reviewed magazines and newspapers worldwide.

UK Publications include BBC Wildlife, BBC Countryfile, The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian and RSPB Birds.

Consultant to theatre companies and radio dramatist.

Film-poems showcased in UK, Europe and America.