Late summer was spent working on a new film poem – A Love Spell Cast in Petals. This ekphrastic piece was inspired by the painting Huapango Torero by Mexican artist, Ana Segovia.

I’m very excited to announce that the film poem is among the finalists in the Frame to Frames competition. It will be showcased at Fotogenia in Mexico City next month.


book cover

Very happy to see that Animal Talk is now to be found in a German language edition – great to see the book finding new audiences.


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More from the magical Galerie du Château Sainte-Croix-de-Mareuil



Also very busy month filming for a new project and exploring the possibilities of slo-mo.


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Something very special to share… I’ve been invited to show film poetry at the magical Galerie du Château Sainte-Croix-de-Mareuil, France. It’s been difficult to keep this very special summer exhibition secret. Huge thanks to Dr. Jane Linden and the team in the Dordogne and to my translation colleagues in the UK.

JULY 2023

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Two extra-special events to share this month.

Narratives of Climate Crisis – July 7th The British Library and MIX at Liberated Words. Presenters Sarah Tremlett, Csilla Toldy, Janet Lees. Filmmakers Meriel Lland, Mary McDonald, Ian Gibbins, Pamela Falkenberg and Jack Cochran, and poet / scientist John Bolland.

So very honoured to have my work mentioned in this important presentation. The climate emergency deepens by the day. Thank you to MIX, Liberated Words and the wonderful Sarah Tremlett for speaking out.

Sarah’s paper can be found here on the Liberated Words website:.

And finally… publication day is here and Animal Talk is out in the wild! Early hyena reviews look promising… To find out more:

Thank you to our editor, James Mitchem and to Asia Orlando for the wonderful illustrations.

JUNE 2023


Animal Talk’s publication day is getting very close now – I can almost catch that scent of a crisp new book adventure opening. Thinking of scents, here’s a whiff of what’s to come…

And there are golden bugs too!

JUNE 2023

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In other news, I’ve been collecting sequences for a film poem journey – here’s a still from my first steps in the project:

MAY 2023

book cover

Such an exciting early spring – not only did I see my first returning swallow of the season but I also got to sniff my first hardcopy view of Animal Talk!

This book has been such a joy to work on – and I learned so much about all the incredible ways animals communicate. Publication date is mid-July.

Read more about it here.

Illustrated by the visionary Asia Orlando

Learn more about Asia here.

MAY 2023

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And, at long last, there is apple blossom in the garden!

APRIL 2023

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A very busy month working on layouts and the Darwin archive online. And then the weather turns chill and that means… SNOW DAY!

MARCH 2023

book cover

A first glimpse of the cover of our book - Charles Darwin and the Origin of Species. Part of the ‘Big Ideas for Curious Minds’ series. There’s almost a whole year to wait until publication but it’s always so exciting to see the cover.

Find out more about it here.


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JUST PUBLISHED - So very happy to reveal A Wild Calling - a new book by Dr. Julie Armstrong – a sequel to The Magic of Wild Things. ‘It is time for a new beginning…’ These are the words May writes at the close of The Magic Of Wild Things. A Wild Calling is that new beginning. It’s the story of May’s shape-shifting journey deep into the earth, of rebirth and her travels beyond time to find her kin.

Part adventure, part meditation, new-old magic guides her way.  It has been a joy to work with Julie and Moonflower Press as editor on this project..

Find out more.


snow drops

Hunting out signs of spring to see off seasonal glums and spotted these beauties snuggled next to the ‘Circle of Friends’ candle holder.

The Mayan origins of the Circle of Friends remain mysterious. The interlocked arms of the simple terracotta figures are symbolic of the bond shared between close friends. I like to think they create a tiny reminder of dancing around a ceremonial fire in ancient times.


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A happy, kind and creative New Year Everyone!



Another publication in Romanian to open the year...


betsy and tree photos

Dancing with deadlines… and here is my super smart research assistant



As the sun returns...Happy holidays...